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10 Simplified Steps – Selling Your Next Property

1. Initial Impression

First impressions are imperative when selling a property. Ensure that when buyers are walking to your home, they see a tidy and well maintained front yard (lawns and edges mowed) with no rubbish left on the yard.

2. Allowing Sunlight 

Lighting makes the room look more open, large and is welcoming to buyers. Ensure your lights are turned on and all the blinds and curtains are open. Dark rooms are not appealing to buyers!

3. Decoration and Repairs

Flowers and indoor plants help add colour to the home and set the scene of serenity and calmness. Stylish furniture with modern fittings help boost the appeal of the home. If you are in need of home decor inspiration, Pinterest is a good place to start! Repairing things like taps, loose door knobs, holes in the wall and ripped fly-screens will also assist in painting a positive image of your home in their mind.

4. Clean, Clean and Clean!

Perhaps the most important aspect is the cleanliness of your home. Ensure the house is clean, relatively spotless and it free of clutter. This includes packing away toys, putting away the dishes, and ensuring the bathroom does not have a bad odour. 

5. Less Is More

Removing excess furniture will allow buyers to walk about freely in your home without feeling like the room is too small.

6. Pets

Not everyone likes pets! Make sure any pets are out of the way for buyers and the home is free of pet odour and animal fur / hair. Ideally pets should be taken for walks during the viewings or kept in the backyard away from buyers.

7. Garage

Park your car on the street and not inside the garage so prospective buyers can walk inside the garage and picture their own car, items and boxes being stored inside the garage.

8. Distance From The Buyers

Prospective buyers will feel un-easy and intrusive if they walk around the house whilst you or your family are going about their normal day-to-day chores. Ideally, the home should be empty and the owners could be in the front or backyard, away from the buyers. This promotes buyers to speak freely with our sales agents without any sense of awkwardness.

9. Music

Playing soft background music creates the right mood for buyers and invokes emotions from the buyer.

10. Neighbours

If you are on good terms with your neighbours, ask them to not play any loud music or engage in loud activities during the inspection.

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